Vladimir and Suzdal | IMPERIAL RUSSIA TRAIN

Vladimir and Suzdal

Vladimir and Suzdal

Moscow — Vladimir — Suzdal — Vladimir — Moscow

A day trip by retro steam train to unveil the magic of the famous Golden Ring and see the city of Vladimir that used to be a political and spiritual center of Russian land before Moscow and feel the medieval atmosphere of Suzdal.

Golden onion domes, magnificent monasteries, once thriving trade metropolises – close to the capital Moscow and yet so far away is the Golden Ring. In cities like Vladimir & Suzdal beats the heart of the old Russia.

On the way to Vladimir, over 100 miles away from Moscow, enjoy the narrative about history of Russian railway or picturesque views of rural areas outside Russian capital. Upon arrival in Vladimir, you board the coach & start your tour of this vibrant small town. We will see the Golden Gate, the Uspenski Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage) with its marvelous frescos and the Demetrius Cathedral.

A short trip leads to the nearby Suzdal. A sleepy town, wooden houses, Orthodox churches and monasteries: a scene as in the movie. We take our time visiting the Kremlin on the banks of the Kamenka River, get captured by the Savior Euthymius Monastery with its imposing defensive wall and see the open-air museum of timber architecture.

You will get back to Vladimir to board the train & start your journey towards Moscow. Over a cup of tea offered onboard you can discuss your impressions of the day.