From Moscow

The passion for railway & steam locomotive connects more and more railway enthusiasts all over the world. On such a journey, you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and visit natural beauties and historical sites in a special ambience. The journey by a steam train becomes an unforgettable experience.

On our steam locomotive tours you will experience exciting rides on historic steam trains, learn more about the history, meaning and tradition of steam engines and explore famous Russian towns of the Golden Ring, visit residences of Russian Emperors or discover some hidden gems – smaller towns around Moscow.

We are happy to offer you a wide range of tours of various duration – from 3 hours up to 2 days that might become an independent tour or a great add-on to turn your trip into an unforgettable adventure.

We invite you to make a journey accompanied by the whistle of steam locomotive!

Moscow — Vladimir — Suzdal — Vladimir — Moscow

Golden onion domes, magnificent monasteries, once thriving trade metropolises - close to the capital Moscow and yet so far away is the Golden Ring. In cities like Vladimir & Suzdal beats the heart of the old Russia.

Moscow — Sergiev Posad — Alexandrov — Moscow

Our steam train is taking you to the largest and most important Orthodox monastery – the St. Sergius Trinity Lavra, located 42 miles northeast of Moscow in the town of Sergiev Posad. This stunning monastery is named after one of Russia’s most venerated saints – St. Sergius of Radonezh – and all year long people stand in line to bow and pray before his remains.

Rizhsky Railway Station — Moscow Railway Shed — Rizhsky Railway Station

We invite you to make a journey through times into the history of railway in Russia! During the tour, you will learn about the construction of the first steam locomotive and visit the locomotive depot.

Moscow — Golutvin — Kolomna — Golutvin — Moscow

They can tell stories about this city, but you’d better see it once… This town known for its mysteries, secrets, stories & legends is connected with many Russian famous statesmen – Dmitry Donskoy, Ivan the Terrible, Marina Mnishek. Location of the city of the confluence of Kolomenka, Moskva & Oka rivers contributed to the development of the trade.

Moscow — Borodino — Moscow

Our steam train takes you on this day trip to the times of the Napoleonic Russia campaign. On 7 September 1812, the Grande Armee of France, led by Napoleon, and the army of Russia, led by Mikhail Kutuzov, finally met in an all-out battle. The battle lasted 12 hours and it is estimated that 6,000 people died each hour. The Battle of Borodino became the breaking point of the War of 1812 between Russia and France.