The history of Trans-Siberian Railway construction

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Trans-Siberian Railway is the world’s most famous railway. Describing Trans-Siberian Railway one won’t avoid using the words most, exclusive and unique. The range of absolute facts differs this route from the others allowing authors to pile on the compliments and travelers to find enough arguments for planning the journey from Moscow to Vladivostok.

Trans-Siberian Railway is world’s longest railway. Over 9 000 of steel rail track connects European Russia, the Urals’ largest industrial territories with Siberian and Far Eastern regions. Length, number of stations and speed of constructing allowed Transsib to set up Guinness World Records.

25 years of constructing, fantastic expenses, applying hi-end technology and inventing new technologies, all these contributed to the Trans-Siberian Railway construction as one of the most significant event in Russian history at the turn of the 19th and the 20th century, which provided the unity of country and its further economic growth.

Historical documents confirm that railroad builders denied any obstacles stood at their way. If needed they blew up rocks, made embankments, erected unique bridges over rivers and lakes. Thanks to such uncompromising approach we are able to admire unique landscapes, pass through reserved areas inaccessible before Transsib construction. As a result, Trans-Siberian Railway is not only the most important transport line connecting 87 cities but also famous touristic route.

Trans-Siberian journey will give you incomparable exclusive experience of mix of cultures and religions, tastes and colors, as well as splendid variety of climate and nature. Every year thousands of travelers from all over the world take a Trans-Siberian journey to see Russia as it is with its immense territories, huge rivers, grand mountains and wild forests.

Navigating through 7 time zones the tourists stay in the most important cultural centers, as if they stayed in different countries:

  • Moscow – modern megapolis where life goes 24\7;
  • Kazan – the city with 1000-year history fusing Islam and Russian Orthodox;
  • Ekaterinburg – Siberian gates, the borderline between East and West;
  • Novosibirsk – the center of science and enlightenment;
  • Irkutsk and Baikal – the land of legends and wild nature;
  • Ulan-Ude – unique architecture and Buddhist culture;
  • Khabarovsk – the history of ancient tribes and the beauty of the Amur river;
  • Vladivostok – port city, Ocean breath and oriental traditions;
  • Ulan-Bator – city that keeps up with the time & managed to preserve the ancient culture of Mongolian nomads;
  • Beijing – one of the ancient world capitals, a modern megapolis that unites harmonically modern architecture & culture heritage monuments.

Today Trans-Siberian Railway reasonably pretends to the title of most famous railway in the world. The tourists traveling on the legendary Trans-Siberian route become true experts in Russia as they see large country in its diversity and greatness.

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