Golden Ring

To get another perspective on life in Russia you might want to escape from Moscow and make a trip for a day or two to explore ancient cities and towns around Moscow that still preserve their rural life style. If you want to enjoy the quiet and peaceful life in the Russian province, beautiful countryside views, see ancient churches made of white stone, hear the church bell rings, see old fortifications, fortresses, beautiful monasteries, and learn more about history of Russia, we invite you to choose one of our trips to towns of the Golden Ring.

Moscow — Rostov Veliky — Yaroslavl — Vladimir — Suzdal — Moscow

2-days trip with overnight onboard the train to immerse yourself into the atmosphere of countryside in Suzdal and Rostov, as well as experience provincial towns’ life in Yaroslavl and Vladimir.

Moscow — Sergiew Posad — Alexandrov — Yaroslavl — Semibratovo — Rostov Veliky — Pereslavl Zalessky — Moscow

2-days trip in combination of train & bus with an overnight at the Hotel in Yaroslavl to explore the towns of the Golden Ring to the North from Moscow and escape from hustle of Russian capital to see a different facet of Russian life.

Moscow — Sergiev Posad — Alexandrov — Moscow

Join us on this railway adventure to explore the major pilgrimage site of Russian Orthodox Church in the town of Sergiev Posad & learn the medieval history of provincial town of Alexandrov!
Our steam train is taking you to the largest and most important Orthodox monastery – the St. Sergius Trinity Lavra, located 42 miles northeast of Moscow in the town of Sergiev Posad. This stunning monastery is named after one of Russia’s most venerated saints – St. Sergius of Radonezh – and all year long people stand in line to bow and pray before his remains.

Moscow — Vladimir — Suzdal — Vladimir — Moscow

A day trip by retro steam train to unveil the magic of the famous Golden Ring and see the city of Vladimir that used to be a political and spiritual center of Russian land before Moscow and feel the medieval atmosphere of Suzdal.