Moscow — Golutvin — Kolomna — Golutvin — Moscow

They can tell stories about this city, but you’d better see it once… This town known for its mysteries, secrets, stories & legends is connected with many Russian famous statesmen – Dmitry Donskoy, Ivan the Terrible, Marina Mnishek. Location of the city of the confluence of Kolomenka, Moskva & Oka rivers contributed to the development of the trade.

Our steam train will take you about 60 miles southeast of Moscow, where you reach the scale of this medieval castle, built in 1525-1531, is absolutely striking. The city today is organically assimilated in and around the Kremlin, so you won’t notice that you’re already inside.

On Kremlin grounds, you will see the Assumption Cathedral commissioned by Dmitry Donskoy to commemorate the victory over mongol-tatars, the Resurrection Church where Dmitry Donksoy got married & St. Nicolas Church, one if the first churches in Russia built of bricks.

Russian warriors wearing ancient suits of armors will greet you and show to their quarters – museum of arms in one of the towers of the Kremlin. After a spectacular sword fight, you will learn how to properly execute archery.

For those having a sweet tooth Kolomna has to offer its famous pastille (marshmallow). During the visit to the Museum Factory, you will find yourself in 1903 guided through the premises of the factory by confectioner & his apprentice. They will reveal you the secrets of a real pastille.

With a souvenir box of marshmallow from Kolomna, enjoy your ride back to Moscow!