St. Petersburg — Pavlovsk — St. Petersburg

Join us on a tour to Pavlovsk Palace! This Palace is more “off the beaten track” than the famous Catherine's Palace in Tsarskoe Selo or the Grand Palace in Peterhof, but no less interesting. Unlike other imperial residences, the Pavlovsk Palace does not feel official at all and has the aura of a country mansion.

We start our tour with visit of the oldest & most beautiful railway station in Russia, Vitebsk Railway Station. Here you will board our steam train & head along the 1st railway stretch in Russia to Pavlovsk. Upon arrival, you will embark the tourist train to make a 15 minutes’ ride through the premises of the Palace Park following the story of the Park & the Palace. During your visit in the Palace, you will be amazed by the precious collection of art displayed in here.

The history of the Pavlovsk Palace dates back to 1777 when Catherine the Great presented the area to her son Paul to mark the birth of his heir, future Emperor Alexander I. Using the money that came along that gift, Paul and his young wife Maria traveled to Europe to purchase works of art for the decoration of the new palace. German-born Maria was a woman of many talents and she masterfully designed a number of palace interiors herself.