Tsarskoe Selo

Tsarskoe Selo

St. Petersburg — Tsarskoe Selo — St. Petersburg

Board our steam train & depart for a visit to the famous Catharine’s Palace to see the unique Amber Room with an unbelievable story! Let yourself be impressed and touch the spirit of the imperial lifestyle by walking though the amperage of the countless halls and imperial ballrooms, which are full of the rich and marvelous decoration.

You will start your visit to the imperial residence with a stroll on the Vitebsk Railway Station, the very 1st one in Russia, following the narrative of your guide. In less than 30 minutes, you will rich Tsarskoe Selo, or nowadays the town of Pushkin, that is located approx. 18 miles to the southeast of St. Petersburg. On the way to the imperial summer palace, follow the exciting story of railway in Russia. Upon arrival you will be transferred to the Catherine’s Palace.

The interiors of the Palace will not leave you indifferent. Every interior is unique. The golden suet of rooms is a real jewel. F. Rastrelli created the wonderful suet of rooms in the palace and it impresses everyone as well as newly restored Amber Room.

The guided walk in the Palace Park with its numerous obelisks and pavilions will tell more about the court life of Catherine the Great. It’s very picturesque & peaceful venue to round up your stay in Tsarskoe Selo.

Board your train to travel back to St. Petersburg, enjoy the scenery we are passing by or discuss your impressions with your fellow travelers over a cup of tea.